Forktail 32



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Full papers
J. MLÍKOVSKÝ & P. STÝBLO Biometry, ecology and population status of the Endangered Yellow-breasted Bunting Emberiza aureola in the Svyatoy Nos wetlands, Lake Baikal, eastern Siberia, Russia Forktail 32:1-4.

SOMYING THUNHIKORN, MATTHEW J. GRAINGER, PHILIP J. K. McGOWAN & TOMMASO SAVINI Methods used to survey avian species and their potential for surveying ground-dwelling birds in Asia Forktail 32:5-13

JOHN D. FARRINGTON A survey of the autumn 2009 and spring 2010 bird migrations at Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, China Forktail 32:14-25

JOHANNES H. FISCHER, NICHOLAS S. BOYD, ADHY MARULY, ANNA-SELMA VAN DER KAADEN, SIMON J. HUSSON & JAMARTIN SIHITE An inventory of the avifauna of the Bukit Batikap Protection Forest, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia Forktail 32:26-35

ARELLEA R. DEWI, NURROHMAN E. PURNOMO, REZA A. AHMADI, I. PURWIANSHARI & MUHAMAD H. ASHSHIDIQI Field records of Zappey’s Flycatcher Cyanoptila cumatilis on Java and Sumatra, with notes on the distribution and status of Blue-and-white Flycatcher in Indonesia Forktail 32:36-40

PAUL J. LEADER, DAVID J. STANTON, RICHARD W. LEWTHWAITE & JONATHAN MARTINEZ A review of the distribution and population of the Collared Crow Corvus torquatusForktail 32:41-53

KHADANANDA PAUDEL, KRISHNA P. BHUSAL, RAJU ACHARYA, ANAND CHAUDHARY, HEM S. BARAL, ISHWARI P. CHAUDHARY, RHYS E. GREEN, RICHARD J. CUTHBERT & TOBY H. GALLIGAN Is the population trend of the Bearded Vulture Gypaetus barbatus in Upper Mustang, Nepal, shaped by diclofenac? Forktail 32:54-57

L. D. PERERA & A. D. ILANGAKOON Results of the first systematic boat-based seabird survey in Sri Lanka Forktail 32:58-61

HANOM BASHARI & THOMAS ARNDT Status of the Critically Endangered Yellow-crested Cockatoo Cacatua sulphurea djampeana in the Tanahjampea islands, Flores Sea, Indonesia Forktail 32:62-65

M. JERI IMANSYAH, DENI PURWANDANA, ACHMAD ARIEFIANDY, Y. JACKSON BENU, TIM S. JESSOP & COLIN R. TRAINOR Valley-floor censuses of the Critically Endangered Yellow-crested Cockatoo Cacatua sulphurea occidentalis on Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia, point to a steep population decline over a six-year period Forktail 32: 66-71

ARNE E. JENSEN & ANGELIQUE SONGCO The birds of Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park and World Heritage Site, Palawan province, Philippines, including accounts of breeding seabird population trends Forktail 32:72-85

Short Notes
TATIANA ROSE C. ABAÑO, DENNIS JOSEPH I. SALVADOR & JAYSON C. IBAÑEZ First nesting record of Philippine Eagle Pithecophaga jefferyi from Luzon, Philippines, with notes on diet and breeding biology Forktail 32: 86-87

P. FETTING, S. THORN, M. PÄCKERT & W. HEIM First record of Yellow-bellied Tit Pardaliparus venustulus in Russia suggests a significant range extension of a species formerly endemic to China Forktail 32: 88-89

YUNBIAO HU & YUEHUA SUN First breeding record of Slaty Bunting Emberiza siemsseniForktail 32: 90

YI-QIANG FU, MING XIANG, CHI-PING KONG & YONG-HENG WU Further evidence that wasps prey on nestlings Forktail 32:91-92

AIWU JIANG, DEMENG JIANG, EBEN GOODALE, FANG ZHOU & YUANGUANG WEN Olive-backed Sunbird Cinnyris jugularis assisting Crested Bunting Melophus lathami at the nest: substantiated evidence for interspecific feeding, Guangxi, south-west China Forktail 32:93-95

P. L. MEAURANGA M. PERERA, SARATH W. KOTAGAMA, EBEN GOODALE & H. S. KATHRIARACHCHI What happens when the nuclear species is absent? Observations of mixed-species bird flocks in the Hiyare Forest Reserve, Galle, Sri Lanka Forktail 32: 96-97

MD. REZAUL KARIM & MD. FARID AHSAN Breeding biology of Jungle Myna Acridotheres fuscus at Chittagong University Campus, Chittagong, Bangladesh Forktail 32:98-99

M. S. TAÑEDO & R. O. HUTCHINSON Status of the White Wagtail Motacilla alba in the Philippines including two new subspecies for the country Forktail 32:100

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