Chinese Crested Terns © Pete Morris / Birdquest

Conservation Fund Awards

The OBC Conservation Fund invites applications for grants for conservation work and conservation awareness projects. OBC Conservation Committee will consider all proposals for these awards that aim to promote bird conservation in the Oriental Bird Club region. Preference will be given to proposals addressing these priority objectives:

•    Projects benefiting Globally Threatened bird species
•    Projects benefiting threatened habitats that are important for bird conservation
•    Projects undertaken by Asian residents

Applicants should refer to this summary of the OBC Conservation Fund Priorities.

How to apply:
Small Conservation Awards
Small awards of up to £1500 are offered for projects involving threatened bird species and their habitats or to raise conservation awareness. These projects should be completed within 12-18 months.

These awards may include student expeditions but such proposals should involve local counterparts and have an emphasis on training.

Awards are offered two times each year. Most grants will be awarded in July and the closing date for applications will be 31 March in each year.  A smaller number of grants will be awarded in January, specifically for projects that have to start before July (such as survey work in the northern breeding season). The deadline for early grant applications is 15 November in each year. A final report will be required for all projects within 6 months of completion.

Applications for the small awards must be submitted using this application form.

Special and Emergency Awards
These awards are offered for work that needs to start quickly and may be applied for at any time. Emergency awards are mainly intended to enable rapid responses to conservation emergencies. Special awards can be used to conduct new work that follows on from a previous award or to provide flexible support in situations when the small awards are not suitable.

In the first instance, please submit a short summary of your proposed project by email (not more than 1000 words). This should include details of the objectives, methods and the contribution to conservation, plus an indication of the total budget and any matched funding. These summaries can be submitted at any time and will normally be reviewed within four weeks of receipt. The applicant will then be advised if their project is suitable. If successful, the applicant will be invited to submit a full proposal.

Please email all proposals to the Conservation Chairman, We no longer accept postal applications. Thank you.