Forktail 30 (2014)


Forktail 30

Forktail is the Journal of Asian Ornithology published by Oriental Bird Club once a year and distributed to OBC members. In line with OBC Policy, papers are made freely available on the website three years after publication. Prior to this, these issues can be purchased as electronic downloads, or hard copies of most issues can be ordered from our online store.

SATISH KUMAR SHARMA & VIJAY KUMAR KOLI Population and nesting characteristics of the Vulnerable White-naped Tit Parus nuchalis at Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan, India

C. M. POOLE, G. W. H. DAVISON & S. RAJATHURAI Marine surveys to study the movements of seabirds through the Singapore Strait 2010–2013

ANDREW HART REEVE, TRI HARYOKO, MICHAEL KØIE POULSEN, PIERRE-HENRI FABRE & KNUD ANDREAS JØNSSON New ornithological records from Buru and Seram, south Maluku, Indonesia, 1995–2012

N. J. COLLAR & S. J. MARSDEN The subspecies of Yellow-crested Cockatoo Cacatua sulphurea

PHILIP D. ROUND, SOMCHAI NIMNUAN, DUANGRAT PHOTHIENG & KASEM CHUNKAO Moult in the Asian Pied Starling Sturnus contra floweri population of Thailand

SUSHANT DEY, SUBHASIS DEY, SUNIL K. CHOUDHARY & NACHIKET KELKAR An annotated bird checklist of the Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India, with an assessment of threats to bird conservation

YUAN-HSUN SUN, MING-CHIH CHIU, CHING-FENG LI, MARK LIU, HSIN-JU WU & PO-JEN CHIANG The seasonal home range and movements of Mandarin Ducks Aix galericulata on tributaries of the Tachia River, central Taiwan

ZHU LEI, YANG XIAO-NONG, HAO GUANG, HUANG QIN, LIU TIAN-TIAN, DAI ZI-YUE, WEI QIAN, RICHARD W. LEWTHWAITE & SUN YUE-HUA A review of the distribution of Black Eagle Ictinaetus malaiensis in mainland China

PAUL M. THOMPSON, SAYAM U. CHOWDHURY, ENAM UL HAQUE, M. MONIRUL H. KHAN & RONALD HALDER Notable bird records from Bangladesh from July 2002 to July 2013


DAVID J. STANTON, BENA R. SMITH & KATHERINE K. S. LEUNG Status and roosting characteristics of Collared Crow Corvus torquatus at the Mai Po Nature Reserve, Hong Kong

SAYAM U. CHOWDHURY, MOHAMMAD FOYSAL, JOHN SHARPE & OMAR SHAHADAT A survey for Black-bellied Tern Sterna acuticauda and other riverine birds on the Jamuna and Padma rivers in Bangladesh

WONG SOON HUAT FELIX The spread and relative abundance of the non-native White-crested Laughingthrush Garrulax leucolophus and Lineated Barbet Megalaima lineata in Singapore

GUO-JING WENG, HUI-SHAN LIN, YUAN-HSUN SUN & BRUNO A. WALTHER Molecular sexing and stable isotope analyses reveal incomplete sexual dimorphism and potential breeding range of Siberian Rubythroats Luscinia calliope captured in Taiwan

ZHANG GUO-GANG, LIU DONG-PING, HOU YUN-QIU, JIANG HONG-XING, DAI MING, QIAN FA-WEN, LU JUN, MA TIAN, CHEN LI-XIA, XING ZHI & LI FENG-SHAN Migration routes and stopover sites of Pallas’s Gulls Larus ichthyaetus breeding at Qinghai Lake, China, determined by satellite tracking

PHILIP D. ROUND, ENAM UL HAQUE, NICK DYMOND, ANDREW J. PIERCE & PAUL M. THOMPSON Ringing and ornithological exploration in north-east Bangladesh wetlands

AIWU JIANG, FANG ZHOU & NAIFA LIU Significant recent ornithological records from the limestone area of south-west Guangxi, south China, 2004–2012

Short Notes

JOHN C. MITTERMEIER, RYAN C. BURNER, CARL H. OLIVEROS, DEWI M. PRAWIRADILAGA, MOHAMMAD IRHAM, TRI HARYOKO & ROBERT G. MOYLE Vocalisations and display behaviour of Javan Woodcock Scolopax saturata support its status as a distinct species

SHAOBIN LI & WEIJUN PENG Nest-site selection by Isabelline Wheatears Oenanthe isabellina on the Tibet plateau

GABRIEL A. JAMIE & GEHAN de SILVA WIJEYERATNE Similarity of the calls of juvenile Pied Cuckoo Clamator jacobinus and its Sri Lankan host species, Yellow-billed Babbler Turdoides affinis

V. J. ZACHARIAS & NATHAN H. RICE The occurrence of the Willow Warbler Phylloscopus trochilus in the Indian subcontinent: notes from museum specimen records

N. J. COLLAR & R. P. PRYS-JONES Lophura ignita macartneyi revisited

ARTUR GOLAWSKI, ZBIGNIEW KASPRZYKOWSKI, CEZARY MITRUS & TOMASZ STANSKI Observations of waterbirds on migration along two rivers in northern China during August 2010

MD. SHARIF HOSSAIN SOURAV Black Francolin Francolinus francolinus in Bangladesh: breeding biology, status, threats and conservation

JOHN A. TROCHET, MOHAMMAD IRHAM, ALAN T. HITCH, TRI HARYOKO, HIDAYAT ASHARI, DADANG DWI PUTRA & ANDREW ENGILIS JR. Range expansion of Lemon-bellied White-eye Zosterops chloris and Sooty-headed Bulbul Pycnonotus aurigaster to south-east Sulawesi, Indonesia

ASHWIN VISWANATHAN & ROHIT NANIWADEKAR Diet and foraging behaviour of Purple Cochoa Cochoa purpurea in Namdapha National Park, India

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