Forktail 27 (2011)



Forktail is the Journal of Asian Ornithology published by Oriental Bird Club once a year and distributed to OBC members. In line with OBC Policy, papers are made freely available on the website three years after publication. Prior to this, these issues can be purchased as electronic downloads, or hard copies of most issues can be ordered from our online store.

Full papers
RISHAD NAOROJI. Breeding of the Red-headed Falcon Falco chicquera in Saurashtra, Gujarat, India
VINAYA KUMAR SETHI, DINESH BHATT, AMIT KUMAR & ARCHANA BHATT NAITHANI. The hatching success of ground- and roof-nesting Red-wattled Lapwing Vanellus indicus in Haridwar, India
J. W. DUCKWORTH, P. D. ROUND & R. J. TIZARD. The Yellow-throated Fulvetta Alcippe cinerea in Indochina
JAMES A. FITZSIMONS, JANELLE L. THOMAS & MARC ARGELOO. Occurrence and distribution of established and new introduced bird species in north Sulawesi, Indonesia
N. J. COLLAR. Species limits in some Philippine birds including the Greater Flameback Chrysocolaptes lucidus
I. A. WOXVOLD & R. A. NOSKE. Birds of Kerangas, converted lands, mixed dipterocarp and riparian forests in Central and East Kalimantan, Indonesia
BEN WIELSTRA, TJALLE BOORSMA, SANDER M. PIETERSE & HANS H. DE IONGH. The use of avian feeding guilds to detect small-scale forest disturbance: a case study in East Kalimantan, Borneo
COLIN R. TRAINOR. The waterbirds and coastal seabirds of Timor-Leste: new site records clarifying residence status, distribution and taxonomy
MARTJAN LAMMERTINK. Group roosting in the Grey-and-buff Woodpecker Hemicircus concretus involving large numbers of shallow cavities
ABNER A. BUCOL, LEONARDO T. AVERIA, ANGEL C. ALCALA & LIRIO CORDOVA. New records of birds for the Gigantes Islands, Iloilo Province, Philippines

Short notes
FANGYUAN HUA, WILLIAM MARTHY, DAVID LEE & MUHAMMAD NAZRI JANRA. Globally threatened Sunda Blue Flycatcher Cyornis caerulatus: synthesis of global records and recent records from Sumatra
SAYAM U. CHOWDHURY. Some significant avifaunal records from Bangladesh, including first record of Black-headed Bunting Emberiza melanocephala
ANDREW DIXON, NYAMBAYAR BATBAYAR & GANKHUYAG PUREV-OCHIR. Autumn migration of an Amur Falcon Falco amurensis from Mongolia to the Indian Ocean tracked by satellite
CHANG-YONG CHOI, JONG-GIL PARK, NIAL MOORES, EUN-MI KIM, CHANG-WAN KANG, HYUN-YOUNG NAM & SEOG-MIN KIM. The recent increase of the Red-billed Starling Sturnus sericeus in the Republic of Korea
S. (BAS) VAN BALEN & H. H. (ERIK) EGGENKAMP. First record of Red-rumped Swallow Hirundo daurica in Wallacea
IMAM TAUFIQURRAHMAN. Nesting record of Blood-breasted Flowerpecker Dicaeum sanguinolentum in Gunung Merapi National Park, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
MASAYOSHI KAMIOKI, NORITOMO KAWAJI, KIMIKO KAWAJI & KEISUKE UEDA. A predation attempt by an Oriental Cuckoo Cuculus optatus on Asian Stubtail Urosphena squameiceps nestlings
COLIN R. TRAINOR, IMANUDDIN & JON WALKER. Heuglin’s Gull Larus heuglini on Wetar Island, Banda Sea: the first Indonesian record
THARMALINGAM RAMESH, KALYANASUNDARAM SANKAR & QAMAR QURESHI. Status of vultures in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, Western Ghats, India
K. S. GOPI SUNDAR. Farmland foods: Black-necked Stork Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus prey items in an agricultural landscape
N. J. COLLAR. Taxonomic notes on some Asian babblers (Timaliidae)
DING LI YONG. Eating aliens: diet of the Grey-headed Fish-eagle Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus in Singapore
ALEXANDER C. LEES, JEREMY P. BIRD, SAYAM U. CHOWDHURY & ROBERT W. MARTIN. Status of Red-throated Pipit Anthus cervinus in Bangladesh
ROSEMARY LOW. What is Psittacus borneus?
ROBERT DECANDIDO, CHATUPHON SAWASDEE, DAMIAN SMITH, CHUKIAT NUALSRI & DEBORAH ALLEN. Observations on the 2009 southbound migration of three bee-eater species at Radar Hill, Thailand
TIZIANO LONDEI. Podoces ground-jays and roads: observations from the Taklimakan Desert, China
ANWARUDDIN CHOUDHURY. Records of Black-breasted Parrotbill Paradoxornis flavirostris from Manas National Park, Assam, in north-east India
J. DEL HOYO & N. J. COLLAR. Acrobatic copulatory display in the Black-crowned Barwing Actinodura sodangorum
LE MANH HUNG, MARK B. ROBBINS, NATHAN H. RICE, ERICK A. GARCÍA-TREJO, STEVEN M. ROELS & SARAH A. BODBYL-ROELS. Preliminary survey of the avifauna at Dong Nai Culture and Nature Reserves, Dong Nai province, Vietnam
TSHERING CHOKI, JIGME TSHERING, TSHEWANG NORBU, UTE STENKEWITZ & JAN F. KAMLER. Predation by leopards of Black-necked Cranes Grus nigricollis in Bhutan
XIN LU & JOCHEN MARTENS. Nesting notes of the White-browed Tit Parus superciliosus in alpine scrub habitats in Qinghai and Tibet, China

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