Forktail 13 (1998)


Forktail 13

Forktail is the Journal of Asian Ornithology published by Oriental Bird Club once a year and distributed to OBC members. In line with OBC Policy, papers are made freely available on the website three years after publication. Prior to this, these issues can be purchased as electronic downloads, or hard copies of most issues can be ordered from our online store.

Full papers
F.R. LAMBERT. A new species of Gymnocrex from the Talaud Islands, Indonesia
J.N. DYMOND. Birds in Vietnam in December 1993 and December 1994
M. INDRAWAN, Y. MASALA and L. PESIK. Observations on the breeding behaviour of Sula Scrubfowl Megapodius bernsteinii in the Banggai Islands, Sulawesi, Indonesia
R. SANKARAN. An annotated list of the endemic avifauna of the Nicobar Islands
R.T. CORLETT. Frugivory and seed dispersal by birds in Hong Kong shrubland
R.S. KALSI. Birds of Kalesar Wildlife Sanctuary, Haryana, India
J.W. DUCKWORTH, R.J. TIZARD, R.J. TIMMINS, R.M. THEWLIS, W.B. ROBICHAUD and T.D. EVANS. Bird records from Laos, October 1994-August 1995
T.D. EVANS and R.J. TIMMINS. Records of birds from Laos during January-July 1994
P. ALSTRÖM. Taxonomy of the Mirafra assamica complex
C.R. ROBSON, H. BUCK, D.S. FARROW, T. FISHER and B.F. KING. A birdwatching visit to the Chin Hills, West Burma (Myanmar), with notes from nearby areas

Short notes
S. VAN BALEN. Hovering Cerulean Kingfishers, Alcedo coerulescens
S. VAN BALEN. More birds feeding on arils of acacia seeds
N.C. MOORES, W. HOOGENDOORN, JIN HAN KIM and JIN YOUNG PARK. Unusual food item and declining numbers at only known regular wintering site of Relict Gull, Larus relictus
T.R. SHANKAR RAMAN. Aerial casque-butting in the Great Hornbill, Buceros bicornis
M. WALTERS. What is Psittacus borneus Linnaeus?
D.S. MELVILLE and G.J. CAREY. Syntopy of Eurasian Tree Sparrow, Passer montanus, and House Sparrow, Passer domesticus, in Inner Mongolia, China
J. KYLÄNPÄÄ. Black-capped Kingfisher, Halcyon pileata: a new species for Pakistan
D.S. MELVILLE and LI YU-XIANG. Notes on winter birds at Shuangtaihekou National Nature Reserve, Liaoning Province, China
M. WALTERS. The eggs of the Grey-crowned Prinia, Prinia cinereocapilla
HEM SAGAR BARAL. Finn's Weaver, Ploceus megarhynchus, and Singing Bushlark, Mirafra cantillans: two new species for Nepal
A. KEMP and A. VAN ZYL. Co-operative breeding by Collared Falconets, Microhierax caerulescens

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