Collared Laughingthrush © Pete Morris / Birdquest


Oriental Bird Club supports conservation work in the Oriental region by encouraging projects to study birds and their habitats or to raise awareness of bird conservation issues. Oriental Bird Club operates two funds: the Conservation Fund and the Bertram Smythies Fund. Through the generous support of members and corporate sponsors, OBC has now supported over 250 projects in many oriental countries, primarily run by local people. More than £250,000 has been invested in conservation in the region since 1984.

In general, OBC prefers to be the main funder of projects but will part-fund larger projects provided that the remaining funds are available and that the OBC award supports a distinct section of the project. It is an important condition of funding that a final report is produced at the end of each project.

The Conservation Fund offers small grants twice each year and can provide small scale funding if emergencies occur at other times of the year. For details of the awards offered, the types of project funded and how to apply, see here

The Bertram Smythies Fund is available to fund special projects that are too large for the Conservation Fund or novel ideas that are outside the aims of the Conservation Fund. For further details see here.

Special note regarding project proposals from China: new legislation concerning foreign NGO funding or co-funding means any projects in China must be registered and approved by the local Public Security Bureau before they can proceed. It will be the responsibility of the local partner in China to seek these assurances before any grant can be disbursed.