Contents of OBC Bulletins 1-8 (1985-1988)

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OBC Bulletin 1 - 1985
Records of the Asian Dowitcher,
Limnodromus semipalmatus, in Thailand ROUND, P.D.
Migration across the Nepalese Himalaya INSKIPP, C.
Milky Stork, Ibis cinereus, and birds of the Javan Plain WILSON, S.A. and ALLPORT, G.
Ranthambhor Tiger Reserve COCKER, M.

OBC Bulletin 2 - 1985
Current Status of Hornbills in Thailand
Migration through the North-west Himalayas Part 1 WILLIAMS, C. and DELANY, S.
Research Project on the Cheer Pheasant, Catreus wallichi GARSON, P.J.
Corbett National Park, Uttar Pradesh, India WOLSTENCROFT, J.

OBC Bulletin 3 - 1986
R.S. Dharmakumarsinji: obituary
Frugivorous birds and figs in the Oriental Region LAMBERT, F.
Migration through the North-west Himalayas Part 2 WILLIAMS, C. and DELANY, S.
Records of the White-winged Duck, Cairina scutulata, in Sumatran Peatswamp Forest NASH, S.V. and NASH, A.D.
Sri Lanka - a note on some birdwatching areas BANKS, J. and J.
The birds of Wallacea: some opportunities for field study BRUCE, M.D.

OBC Bulletin 4 - 1986
A Taste of Karamay
China: Love the Birds Week TAN YAO-KUANG,
Borivli National Park ABDULALI, H.
Bali Barat National Park, Indonesia HELVOORT, B. VAN,

OBC Bulletin 5 - 1987
Status & Conservation Needs of the Bali Starling,
Leucospar rothschildi HELVOORT, B. VAN,
Mixed Species Bird Flocks JEPSON, P.
Studying Wild Cheer, Catreus wallichi, in Uttar Pradesh GARSON, P.J.
Islamabad, Pakistan MALLALIEU, M.
The Sind Sparrow, Passer pyrrhonotus GRIMMETT, R.

OBC Bulletin 6 - 1987
Waterbird surveys in south-east Sumatra
Birdwatching in Bardia COX, J.
Trekking and the Birdwatcher in Nepal INSKIPP, C.
Ijima's Warbler, Phylloscopus ijimae MARTINS, R.
Where to go in Singapore HAILS, C.

OBC Bulletin 7 - 1988
Megapodes - from Fairy Tale to Reality
Preparing the Perfect Trip Report HARRAP, S.
Birding in Karera Bustard Sanctuary RAHMANI, A.R.
The Sunda Coucal, Centropus nigrorufus ANDREW, P.

OBC Bulletin 8 - 1988
Brian Hodgson: A Profile of a Pioneer
Malaysian Hornbills and Logging JOHNS, A.
Rusty-bellied Shortwing HEATH, P.
Quezon National Park, Philippines SCHARRINGA, J.

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