OBC Bulletin 24, December 1996: contents

The OBC Bulletin was published and distributed twice a year to OBC members. It was discontinued in 2004 and replaced with BirdingASIA. Hard copies of later issues of the OBC Bulletin can be ordered from our online store.


The Demoiselle Cranes of Khichan PFISTER, O.
Birdwatching Areas: Lawachara Forest and Srimangal area, Bangladesh THOMPSON, P., JOHNSON, D.
The Philippine Eagle: one hundred years of solitude COLLAR, N.J.
Tawi-Tawi: extreme Philippine birding DUTSON, G., ALLEN, D. and BROOKS, T.

Megapodes of the genus Megapodius in the Oriental Region DEKKER, R.W.R.J.
Little-known Oriental bird: Bristled Grassbird Chaetornis striatus INSKIPP, T.
Black-chinned Monarchs Monarcha boanensis on Boano Island MOELIKER, C.W. and HEIJ, C.J.
Grey teals in Asia YOUNG, H.G.

Plus regular sections: Club News, Conservation Fund News, Around the Orient, ClubWatch, Letters, Free Press, From the Field, Recently Published and Stray Feathers.

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