OBC Bulletin 21, July 1995: contents

The OBC Bulletin was published and distributed twice a year to OBC members. It was discontinued in 2004 and replaced with BirdingASIA. Hard copies of later issues of the OBC Bulletin can be ordered from our online store.


A survey of birds in Qingshuihe District, Inner Mongolia, China. YANG GUISHENG and YING LIANLIAN,
Forest loss, extinctions and last hope for birds on Cebu. BROOKS, T., MAGSALAY, P., DUTSON, G. and ALLEN, R.
Siburan - key area for birds on Mindoro. BROOKS, T., DUTSON, G., GABUTERO, L. and TIMMINS, R.
At the crossroads of two avifaunas - Timor NOSKE, R.A.
Koslov's Bunting, Emberiza koslowi OLSSON, U.

Treeswifts. CHANTLER, P.
Tibetan Rosefinch, Koslowia roborowskii, sightings on the Tibetan plateau. OTANI, C.
A record of Goliath Heron in Assam. MADGE, S.
Sumatran Cochoa, Cochoa beccarii, on Gunung Kerinci, Sumatra.
Kerinci-Seblat National Park, Sumatra. TOBIAS, J.

Plus regular sections: Club News, Conservation Fund News, Around the Orient, ClubWatch, Letters, Free Press, From the Field, Recently Published and Stray Feathers.

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