OBC Bulletin 19, May 1994: contents

The OBC Bulletin was published and distributed twice a year to OBC members. It was discontinued in 2004 and replaced with BirdingASIA. Hard copies of later issues of the OBC Bulletin can be ordered from our online store.


OBC: the first ten years REDMAN, N. and GRIMMETT, R.
Grey-crowned Crocias, Crocias langbianis EAMES, J.
Caohai (The Sea of Grass) and Tuoda Forest, China HOLMES, J., WU ZHIXANG, LI ZHUMEI YU ZHIGANG and JANG HONG,
The colourful world of woodpeckers: an Oriental perspective WINKLER, H., CHRISTIE, D.A., and NURNEY, D.
Ten years of commitment to conservation INSKIPP, C.
A review of the taxonomic status of the Yellow-throated Laughingthrush Garrulax galbanus LONG, A., CROSBY, M. and INSKIPP, T.

Identification and captive breeding of the Yellow-throated Laughingthrush Garrulax galbanus simaoensis PASINI, A., ARSUFFI, D., MICALI, G. and VIOLANI, C.G.
Birds to Watch: Threatened birds in Singapore LIM KIM SENG,
A mystery woodcock in the Philippines HARRAP, S. and FISHER, T.
A possible sighting of Diabolical Eared-Nightjar KING, B.
Sightings of Amur Falcon, Falco amurensis, in northern Thailand BRACE, R.C.
Are frogmouths "living flytraps" KANNAN, R.

Plus regular sections: Club News, Conservation Fund News, Around the Orient, ClubWatch, Letters, Free Press, From the Field, Recently Published and Stray Feathers.

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