OBC Bulletin 18, November 1993: contents

The OBC Bulletin was published and distributed twice a year to OBC members. It was discontinued in 2004 and replaced with BirdingASIA. Hard copies of later issues of the OBC Bulletin can be ordered from our online store.


Indonesian birding itineraries- Supplement BOSTOCK, N. and SUJANIKA,
Indonesia HOLMES, D.
Sumba Hornbill, Aceros everetti JUHAENI, D.
Manusela National Park BOWLER, J. and TAYLOR, J.
The identification of tit-babblers and red sunbirds on Java BALEN, B. VAN,

Birding in Tanimbar and Kai LEWIS, A.
Tanimbar Corella on Yamdena CHAYADIN, Y.
Wetlands and waterbirds of the Banggai Islands INDRAWN, M., MASALA, Y. and PESIK, L.
Birding in the Sula Islands DAVIDSON, P. and STONES, T.
A note on the Bare-throated Whistler, Pachycephala nudigula HOLMES, D.

Plus regular sections: Club News, Conservation Fund News, Around the Orient, ClubWatch, Letters, Free Press, From the Field, Recently Published and Stray Feathers.

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