BirdingASIA - Guidelines for Contributors

BirdingASIA is a forum for articles on the avifauna of the Oriental region. The region’s boundaries are depicted opposite. Regular features include articles on identification, enigmatic species, little visited birdwatching 'hotspots', species under threat, pioneers of Oriental ornithology and unusual anecdotal records. Manuscripts submitted are subject to editing and refereeing where appropriate. New publications for review, items for 'Around the Orient', records for 'From the field' and Letters to the Editor are always welcome and will be published as soon as possible after receipt. The Editor will discuss contributions with authors and advise on preparation. Some basic guidelines are given below:

When a bird species is first mentioned, both the English and scientific name must be given, thereafter the English name only. English and scientific names should follow Inskipp, T., Lindsey, N. & Duckworth, W. (1996) An annotated checklist of the birds of the Oriental region. Metric units and their international symbols must be used; dates should be of the form 1 January 2005. Numbers one to ten should be written in full, except when used with a measurement abbreviation or higher number, thus: five birds, but 5 km and 5–11 birds. Numerals are used for all numbers greater than ten, written thus: 11, 110, 1,100, and 11,000.

Manuscripts and news items
These should preferably be sent electronically as an email attachment to or mailed on a PC-formatted disk. The text, tables, figure legends (which must be self-explanatory) and appendices should be combined in one Word.doc file. Alternatively, typescripts, original maps and diagrams can be sent by mail.

Original slides, negatives and prints are preferred for professional scanning to ensure optimum reproduction. All relevant images submitted will be evaluated. If already scanned, TIFF images of at least 300 dpi are preferred. JPEG files must be 'maximum' quality, that is, at their minimum compression. Slides must be scanned on a specialist slide scanner. If images are large, please mail them on a PC-formatted CD. Digital photographs should be submitted at their highest-resolution possible.

Figures (maps, diagrams)
These should preferably be sent as high-resolution scans in a standard format (JPEG or TIFF). Maps should be marked with a scale and north arrow.

Every effort is made to retain articles in their submitted form, but the Publications Committee reserves the right to make necessary changes, very occasionally without notifying the author. All contributors submitting material to BirdingASIA also give permission for its use on the OBC websites. It is assumed that the above conditions have been understood and accepted.

Contact addresses
The Editor, BirdingASIA or Oriental Bird Club, P. O. Box 324, Bedford MK42 0WG, UK ISSN 1744-537X.