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Palawan Peacock Pheasant BirdingASIA 6 cover © Ian Merrill


Aberrant behaviour of a pair of female Great and Rhinoceros Hornbills in Singapore. Y. C. WEE, R. SUBARAJ

A nest of the Black Eagle Ictinaetus malayensis in Sri Lanka. K. GUNAWARDENA

Two strange parrots in the genus Tanygnathus. N. J. COLLAR

Chinese Crested Tern: observations on juveniles in the Matsu Archipelago of Taiwan. E. P. M. CANDIDO

Birds of an unexplored forest along the Sino-Vietnam border in Jingxi county, south-west Guangxi province, China. CHAN BOSCO PUI LOK, LEE KWOK SHING

Comments on the purported first record of Long-billed Plover for Singapore. P. J. LEADER

The identification of Long-billed Plover. N. LETHABY

Philippines Special.

Sri Lanka’s Serendib Scops Owl. D. WARAKAGODA

New liocichla found in India at Arunachal Pradesh’s Eaglenest Sanctuary. B. R. SYKES

Black-crowned Barwing Actinodura sodangorum. J. OLÁH

Finding the Malayan Whistling Thrush. A. SALGADO

Further new bird records for Hainan Island from the Yinggeling mountain range. LEE KWOK SHING, CHAN BOSCO PUI LOK

First Chinese breeding record of Pleske’s Warbler Locustella pleskei, from a small island off Qingdao, Shandong province. QIAO YI-LUN, LIU YANG, GUO DONG-SHENG, ZENG XIAO-QI, ZHANG-ER

Nesting record of Burmese Yuhina Yuhina humilis in Mae Wong National Park, Thailand. T. EDELSTEN

Spoon-billed Sandpiper Calidris pygmeus on the coast of Bangladesh. M. M. H. KHAN

Nikolay Przhevalskiy (1839-1888). Eu. POTAPOV, R. POTAPOV

Plus regular sections: Letter from the Chairman, OBC in action: Conservation Fund, Smythies Fund, From the Field, Reviews.

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