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Crab Plovers BirdingASIA 5 cover © Niranjan Sant


Forty years of birding and ornithological research in Singapore Y.C. WEE

The bird trade in Medan, north Sumatra: an overview CHRIS R. SHEPHERD

Splits galore: the revolution in Asian leaf warbler dynamics FRANK E. RHEINDT

Adult large white-headed gulls at Okha, Gujarat, India - a photo-documentation ANDREAS BUCHHEIM

Nordmann's Greenshank

New discovery: A new hanging-parrot from Camiguin Island, Philippines THOMAS ARNDT

Kedarnath Must Deer Researve, Uttaranchal, India SUSAN MYERS and ARUN P. SINGH

Some recent behavioural observations of Masked Finfoot in Selangor Darul Ehsan, Peninsular Malaysia CHRIS R. SHEPHERD

First record of Masked Finfoot from Kama, Bharatpur district, north-west India ASHOK VERMA and VINOD BIHARI MATHUR

Apparent unrecorded migratory route of Dalmatian Pelican in Nag Valley, Pakistan MUHAMMAD SAJID NADEEM, MUHAMAD ASIF, GHULAM MUJTABA and TARIQ MAHMOOD

A presumed nest of Guaiabero, an endemic Philippine parrot M.S.L. MILLS

Begging behaviour of Black-faced Spoonbills wintering in Taiwan LIANG-LI LIU KUEN-DAR CHIANG and CHUN-HSIEN HUANG

Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary (Orissa), a key congregation area for Indian Skimmer G.V. GOPI, A.K. JENA and BIVASH PANDAV

Plus regular sections: Letter from the Chairman, OBC in action: Conservation Fund, Smythies Fund, From the Field, Reviews.

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