Project Awards: Nepal

P1008 Population modelling and conservation of Endangered Vultures in Annapurna Conservation Area by Dikpal Krishna Karmacharya (2013

P1023 Ecological Monitoring and conservation of vultures in Jajarkot District, Nepal by Khadananda Paudel (2014).

P832 An Ornithological Survey of Dang Deukhuri Foothill Forests and West Rapti Wetlands IBA, Nepal by Jyotendra Jyu Thakuri (2008).

P834 Bird Conservation Awareness Programme Around the lower Mai-Valley area, Ilam and Jhapa districts, Eastern Nepal by Bhesh Raj Ghimire (2009).

P848 Re-assessment of Population Status, Habitat Use and Threats to Swamp Francolin in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Nepal by Bhagwan Raj Dahal (2009).

P867 Population Status and Ecology of Bristled Grassbird Chaetornis striatus in Chitwan National Park, Central Nepal by Paras Bikram Singh (2009).

P885 Broadcasting a Radio Programme Conserving Globally Threatened Birds in Far Western Nepal by Laxman Prasad Poudyal (2009).

P898 Bird Conservation, Education and Awareness Programme around Dharan Forests IBA, Eastern lowland, Nepal by Bhesh Raj Ghimire (2010).

P905 Bird Conservation Awareness Programme to the communities around Nawalparasi Forests area, Central Nepal by Mitra Pandey (2010).

P906 An Ornithological Survey of Reshunga Forest, Potential IBA, West Nepal by Jyotendra Jyu Thakuri (2010).

P934 Farmland bird study in Koshi, east Nepal and Lumbini, central Nepal by Prativa Kaspal (2011).

P947 An Ornithological Survey of Manaslu Conservation Area, Potential Important Bird Area, Nepal by Jyotendra Jyu Thakuri (2012).

P961 Community-based Ecological monitoring of critically endangered Oriental White-backed Vultures in Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve, Important Bird Area, Nepal by Khadananda Paudel (2012).