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This 294-page book provides a complete checklist of Oriental birds including every species recorded in the region from Pakistan in the west, east to China and south to Wallacea (Indonesia). Species limits were determined according to the latest taxonomic research and by extensive reference to original bibliographic sources. The book contents include an introduction, a listing of 2,586 species with details of taxonomic history for many, a reference section of more than 800 titles, and a full index.

The Checklist is intended to be a valuable reference for all scientists, conservationists and birdwatchers interested in Oriental ornithology and aims to bring some stability to the taxonomy and nomenclature of Oriental Birds. The full publication is available from OBC sales.

OBC checklist updated July 2001
The basic checklist has been updated by Tim Inskipp to take into account recent additions and taxonomic changes, as well as those species found within the new geographical limits covered by the OBC since its expansion in 2000 to include Japan, Korea, Mongolia and Russia (E of 90°E).

Download the updated OBC checklist
The updated basic OBC checklist, without annotations and references, can be downloaded from this page.

Use the 'Save as' option of your browser to download the text file from here:

OBC Checklist - text format (128k).

The document contains 5 columns: the species number in the list, scientific name of species, common name of species, when added to the list (eg. July 2001), and notes. Once downloaded, you can import the text into your word processor, spreadsheet or database software for reference.

Use of the OBC checklist You may download the OBC checklist for personal or scientific reference use only. Oriental Bird Club retains the copyright for the list and it should not be used for commercial purposes without prior written permission from OBC.

If any of this material is used or included in any other publication or private report, please acknowledge the authors and OBC using the following citation:

Inskipp, T., Lindsey, N. and Duckworth, W. A. Checklist of the Birds of the Oriental Region. 2001. Oriental Bird Club. (Web address:

Updates to the Checklist will be added to this website as they become available.

Please send any comments, corrections or suggestions regarding this checklist to Thanks.

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